I play in a jazz band and we are playing some Latin pieces. In "One Note Samba" there is written "in stand". What does that mean? How to play that with the trombone?

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you literally just point your bell into the stand, not directly touching it, but the sound should be muted by the stand


You put your bell about 6-8 inches from the stand, so it gives the trombone a muted effect.


If your worried about catching your bell on the stand, try a bucket mute for a similar effect. It may be about keeping control of volume, or it could be a stylistic effect.


I think the 'Stand' in the mind of the arranger is the dance band type, a substantial wooden structure used to front the band and bear a logo as well as merely support music. Pointing the instrument into this would have rather more effect than into the lightweight tripod stands we commonly use.

enter image description here

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