I'm getting back into playing again after being on hiatus for a while, and I'm looking to replace some missing components from back in the day. Was all over DOD effects when I was more active (their bass chorus was my favorite effect...until my best friend somehow managed to trash it...). Hard to find DOD outside of eBay, though. Are there any other brands the community can recommend?

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I'm not a bassist, but I am an effects enthusiast so I can perhaps give some more general guidelines. I wouldn't stick to a brand per se, but instead go with effects types and research what's on the market. For example when I was after a chorus pedal I visited some forums (or sites like this) among other informational sites and found out what everyone was using. Once I had my list of chorus candidates I hunted down a couple at local shops, went in, and tried them. For those that I couldn't play, I checked out online reviews--proguitarshop and gearmanndude's youtube channel are both good resources for guitarists. Eventually I settled on one I really liked--well two actually--and purchased them and tossed them on the board. I'm not sure of similar sites for bassists, but hopefully someone more versed in the world of bass effects can provide you with some good resources.


I recently was bought an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Bass Pi Distortion pedal, and it sounds great. I've heard other bass effect pedals by them off Youtube, and they also do sound pretty good. And they're affordable - my pedal was under £50 (~$70).

The other brand I've heard good things about is Boss - though they are more expensive, probably about £70-£100 (~$100-135).


I really like my Boss OC-2 Octave pedal for bass, even though I think it was originally designed to be a guitar pedal. It works best with subtle settings that fatten up the sound rather than make a distinct second or third note. What a huge sound!


Being a guitarist and a bass player, I am partial (right now at least) to MXR (Dunlop) The Bass Octave and Bass Envelope filters are sweet and squishy!! With bass, make sure you have a nice powerful amp as bass is a totally different animal than guitar and should be treated as such!


There are a number of brands on my pedalboard. I do find that MXR pedals typically provide nice effects while not sucking tone. Their bass-specific pedals are fantastic, but even those that are not "made for bass" do a great job. For example, the Carbon Copy delay and Phase 90 script cannot be beat for lush bass oscillation.