I'm using an acoustic guitar with built-in pickup (on-board pickup - undersaddle pickup specifically), which have a soundhole of course. If I'm playing on-stage, the guitar wil give some feedback sound, which it's kinda annoys me.

How to avoid that? I don't want to use any soundhole cover or move far a (bit, perhaps) from the amplifier or even reducing the volume.

  • I guess I don't understand your objection to using a soundhole cover. Soundhole covers only affect your tone if you're playing acoustically or into an external mic. A soundhole cover won't affect the output from an undersaddle pickup at all.
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    Commented Jun 11, 2014 at 16:41

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Feedback is a resonance between the speakers / monitors and your strings / pickup - the frequency and volume is very position dependent, and the resonance of your guitar will make some frequencies much more prevalent than others, so the usual solutions include:

  • using an EQ, cut the specific frequency that is giving you trouble
  • move away from the speakers
  • move the speakers themselves, or angle them away from you

You can also damp the strings if the problem is string resonance, or add a cloth or damping material into your guitar if it is body resonance.

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