I'm was browsing through the web to look for possible softwares to write beautiful music sheets. I came across MusicTeX and I think this is what I need. But somehow there aren't many documentation that explains how it is done.

I already have experience with LaTeX, but still I couldn't figure out how to install it. Can anyone help me?


MusicTeX is deprecated and no longer maintained. You probably mean MusixTeX.

I'm reasonably acquainted with TeX (to the degree that Donald Knuth considerably simplified an example in the "Dirty Tricks" appendix of the TeXbook according to my suggestions) and do not use it.

MusixTeX is not a way to represent music but rather for piecing together musical elements. If you do your text processing by writing the PDF file yourself, you'll be happy writing MusixTeX input. If you prefer doing your text processing by writing PostScript, MusixTeX will be a bit terse for your taste.

Take a look at LilyPond instead. Similar workflow to LaTeX (namely batch processing from a text-based source), but higher level regarding the treatment of music. Also it is helpful that it produces Midi files.

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