My apologies if this question is not appropriate for this site, but I'm working on Haydn's cello concerto in D Major, and I just recently watched Rostropovich playing it, which is what spurred this question. It seems that he makes no effort to avoid the open A on his cello, and his cello has very strong harmonics. I would guess that it's a Stradivarius, based on the build of the cello and his open A string, but past that I'm not quite sure. Does anyone know what cello he played?

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  • Please note that Rostropovich owned many instruments during his career. He traded some of them to his students. Many luthiers have sent him or proposed their own creations or restaurations. – ogerard Jul 29 '14 at 13:36
  • You should probably edit your question and give the exact references for the video recording you are watching. By the way, some recording companies take note of instruments used by solists (more often when the instrument is lend by a sponsor such as an instrument foundation or a bank). – ogerard Jul 29 '14 at 13:38

His Wikipedia page states:

His instruments included the 1711 Duport Stradivarius, a Storioni on which he made most of his recordings and a Peter Guarneri of Venice.

So there is no single answer to the question without pointing to a particular recording.

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