Can someone please provide me with the values or a link to the preset? I'm using Logic Pro X and it doesn't have that preset.

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My Logic Pro X doesn't have this preset, nor does my LP9.

Are you sure this isn't a custom preset? My Logic Pro 9 shows the following organs in the library (bold entries are settings utilizing EVB3):

  • Abstract Organ
  • Angelic Organ
  • Cathedral Organ
  • Circus Organ
  • Classic Rock Organ
  • Gospel Organ
  • Heavy Metal Organ
  • Jazz Organ
  • Lounge Organ
  • Modulating Synth Organ
  • Old Radio Organ
  • Percussive Organ
  • Pop Organ
  • Rock Organ
  • Smooth Dance Organ
  • Soul Organ
  • Space Organ
  • Sparkling Organ
  • Toy Organ
  • Trance Organ
  • Vocoder Synth Organ

Is the preset you're looking for in your ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Plug-In Settings/EVB3/ folder?

Also, try searching your HD for <insert patch name here>.pst.

Do you have access to a project you used that patch with? If so, maybe it got saved in there.

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