A couple of years back I bought a classical guitar (Admira Avila), and had an acoustic pickup called the Element Active System put in.

I was wondering what amps people would recommend for this pickup, and also if I would be able to plug this into a normal set of speakers. In the past I've managed to get the pickup working through a plain set of speakers (not sure which they were), using a 3.5mm Aux Cable and a 1/4 inch adapter. However, upon using the same set up with a different set of speakers (Panasonic SC-HC10), it didn't work.

I've been told in the past that this type of pickup has a preamp built in and therefore will work on normal speakers.

Any advice on how i'm supposed to use this would be extremely useful.

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If you have a battery plugged in or some other means of powering it, then it is active.

I would not recommend plugging it into standard speakers directly as the pickup will not be line level.

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