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At the top - right under "The perfect authentic cadence. V (dominant) - I (tonic)", in second measure, they have "6 over 4 over V" on first two beats and then "7" on 3rd beat...

What happens in this measure?? Why is not there Roman numeral under 7??

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In figured bass notation thirds and fifths are implicit in root position chords. Therefore, if you just see a "7", this means R, 3, 5 and 7.


It is because the 7 concerns also the dominant. You have two different chords for the same function.


I understand your question. I think this is indeed a mistake in the notation, if my music theory isn't too rusty.

The first two beats of the second measure are indeed clearly a tonic (I 6over4), considering that the notes are dbdg. And only on the third beat it becomes the dominant (be it dominant seven). The V should indeed be on the third beat under the 7.

I think the correct notation would be:



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