I'm trying to learn more chords to become a better rhythm player. I can play barre and cowboy chords with ease, but simple major chords don't fit my sound. How can I learn more chords?


So you know major chords?

The next step are minor chords.

Once you have both major and minor, you will need to experiment with additions -

7ths, major 7ths, 4ths, 9ths, 12ths and so on.

You can use a tool like this

to experiment with different chords. A good thing to do, is to go through a tool like this, and try them out for yourself, see what the different chords sound like.

To be a GREAT rhythm guitar player, however, you WILL need to learn your scales. Once you figure out your scales, you will be able to figure out what chords will fit in a piece of music, just from the knowledge of what key you are in.

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