I want to buy a capo... What is the difference between a flat and a curved capo? Can I use either for both an electric and acoustic guitar?

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Not much. If it is curved too much then obviously it won't work as well on a flat neck. A curved capo is going to work better on low radius necks such as a strat and only near the nut.

Get a flat one and you shouldn't have any issues.

  • Can't really authoritatively comment on the truth of that, but the curve relates to the radius of the fretboard. Classical guitars tend to have very flat, very wide fretboards and thus a flat capo would be necessary, while most steel-string acoustics and electrics have curved fretboards which are more fitting to the arch of the fingers. So it seems like a curved one would be the natural for the guitars bluevoodoo1 is talking about. But if you talk to the guitar shop folks, they should let you test before you buy. Commented Feb 21, 2011 at 2:36

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