Looking for Backing Tracks for Practicing on Guitar, I listen to Heavy Metal and Progressive Metal genre.


there are quite a few sites out there that can provide you with guitar backing tracks.

For example, on http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/top.php, you can get backing tracks for many, many songs. But I think you're searching more for style related backing-tracks. So these could be useful:*

*Since I'm at work right-now, I couldn't listen to the backings yet. I can't assure their quality.


If you are looking for something random and fresh, just type "jam track" in youtube search. Specify a genre, if you are looking for something particular:

Tons and tons of them.


If you have Guitar Pro, you can download your favorites songs. Mute the guitar part and then export the resulting file to WAV. After that you can convert this wav to a smaller file, and voila, instant backing track.

I do this and put the tracks in my Ipod which I can then plug into a solid state amp.



Other good sources are the heavy metal magazines, like Metal Hammer and Kerrang they have backing tracks on CD with each issue or available for download.


Probably a little late since the post was created in 2011, but guitartonemaster.com is definitely worth a visit! A website packed with jam and backing tracks.

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