Problem: the segno appears between the staff and the chord-names, pushing the chord names up, which makes them hard to read:

enter image description here

I'd like to have the sengo appear above the chord names (so that the chord names remain close to the staff). Putting the\segno into the ChordNames context doesn't produce any mark. ChordNames contexts also don't seem to like \markup either (so I can't try the recipes from the documentation).

Code for attached image:

  \new ChordNames \chordmode{
    f4. ~ f4 bes8 f2. 
  \new Staff {
    \clef "bass"
    \key f \major
    \time 12/8
    f2.\segno f4. f8 c a

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\time 12/8
f2.\segno f4. ...


\time 12/8
s1*0 \mark \markup{   \musicglyph #"scripts.segno" } 
f2.\segno f4. ...

works. Somehow making the symbol a markup attached to a zero-duration note allows the renderer to push it to the side. However, some think that the s1*0 construct is bad form.

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