Chopin's nocturnes have always been some of my favorite pieces of music to play. However, I was working through No. 17 when I came across this particular complex couple of bars. enter image description here

Particularly, the trill that is played over most of the notes in the picture. I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to play this. Do I continue to play the trill with my 4th and 5th fingers and leave only the remaining 3 fingers to play the rest of the notes in the right hand?

I've attempted this for a quite a while now, but even after having played piano for 14 years Im having trouble. I suspect that my 4th and 5th fingers are just too weak for this kind of fast action. I have no problem playing trills with my 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers.

This is driving me nuts not being able to play this.

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Other editions make it clearer: trill each note, starting on the note rather than the auxiliary (where he specifies it with an accacciatura). You can see it in Scharwenka's edition here.

Edit: I should clarify this a bit: Chopin is using accacciature in this passage to specify the starting notes of the trills.


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