In my opinion Fl Studio is a complete software to create music.
But the musics composed can be saved only in mp3, not in flac.
- So is it possible to create a music with Fl Studio, and to sell it then ? - Does some famous DJ or musicians use it ?

if yes, how do they get a professional rendered, not in mp3 ?

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In short, yes!

Here's a list of all the famous people who use FL: http://www.image-line.com/flstudio/powerusers.php

.WAV is basically a FLAC file. In terms of encoding, a FLAC file can be converted to .wav without any loss of quality. You can tell because WAV files are much larger than MP3s, thus, it contains more (all) content from the original recording.


FLAC has nothing to do with FL Studio. Logic Pro X does not export to FLAC, either, for example. Generally an in-between program (possibly a mastering program) is used for such conversion.

Any sequencer, including FL Studio can export to an uncompressed format such as WAV or AIFF, which are native, uncompressed formats.

This is the highest possible quality (depending upon the settings of the export–resolution, sample rate, etc).

From there, that "master" file (which may in turn actually be "mastered"–another topic) is rendered into formats suitable for sale and download, such as, and including, FLAC, MP3, ALAC, etc, which are much smaller in file size, and typically sold/sent to the listener (and the online store).

This may help



I have never used Fl Studio, but the wikipedia article has a list of notable users and, although I haven't heard any of their music (not trying to dismiss them - I'm probably just not their audience), they (or most of them) seem to have established and successful careers. It doesn't necessarily mean that they used just Fl Studio for all their music, but I'm guessing that it can be used in a professional setting.

The wikipedia article also mentions that it can export to WAV, but selling the music somehow may not be up to the program itself (or maybe I'm lacking imagination).

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