When shopping for a used clavinova I tried to figure out which models are a good choice for me. Doing that, I quickly wondered what the CLP-model numbers are trying to tell me.

For the most recent years the model numbers are:

  • 2006: CLP-220, CLP-230, CLP-240, CLP-270, CLP-280, CLP-265GP, CLP-295GP
  • 2008: CLP-320, CLP-330, CLP-340, CLP-370, CLP-380, CLP-S306, CLP-S308
  • 2011: CLP-430, CLP-440, CLP-465GP, CLP-470, CLP-480, CLP-S406, CLP-S408
  • 2014: CLP-525, CLP-535, CLP-545, CLP-575, CLP-585

What do these numbers stand for?

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Here's how you read the model numbers for the last ten years

first digit -> year
The first digit tells you from which year the instument is.
2.. means 2005: CLP-220, CLP-230, CLP-240, CLP-270, CLP-280
3.. means 2007: CLP-320, CLP-330,...

second digit -> quality/features
The second digit tells you how high its quality is compared to the other models of that year
CLP-220 < CLP-230 < CLP-240 < CLP-270 < CLP-280
CLP-320 < CLP-330 < ...

exceptions from the rule (of course)
Careful though, some older models ar using the same first digits:
CLP-200 (1986), CLP-250 (1988), CLP-260 (1990)
CLP-300 (1986), CLP-311 (1996), CLP-360 (1990)
CLP-411 (1996)
CLP-500 (1987), CLP-511 (1996), CLP-550 (1988), CLP-555 (1997), CLP-560 (1990), CLP-570 (1989)

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