I have an Alesis DM Lite e-drum kit , an Alesis SamplePad , a Roland UM-ONE mk2 MIDI-to-USB convertor , a Montarbo Eve 5 mixer and a MacBook Pro.

Sometimes I use the audio output from both drums (and Songsterr from an iPhone) into an external mixer and noticed that the SamplePad randomly resets itself every 15 minutes or so.

Sometimes I do not use the audio out from drums into the mixer but plug in the USB MIDI outputs into a MacBook Pro and use the oudio out from there. Noticed that the SamplePad does not reset itself.

I stopped using the audio output into the mixer configuration because I'd like to not destroy the equipment.Attached a rough schematics of the complete setup.

Any clues why the SamplePad resets itself ?

Is it a possible "ground loop" ? The power supplies of both Alesis drums are "wall wart" style, without ground on the plug. Both are mounted using plastic pads, so there is no common ground.

enter image description here

  • latest drivers?, faulty cable, grounding issues (you can get a little tingle from macbook pro cases), audio problem with mac osx (Can it handle 3 soundcards), is it trying to draw power from USB (try a powered hub), do you have your master clock set and everything else as slave Mar 31, 2015 at 9:10

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I added ground cables between the Alesis drum brains and the mixer. So far, no more resets.

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