I can't decide between cubase pro and cubase artist. The artist version is cheaper but I don't mind getting the ultimate package if it means faster learning and composing. I only have a computer and not the whole studio. Can someone please give me pros if there are any of buying the pro edition?


You will not learn any faster using the ultimate package. If anything, you may find it slower, as there are more options.

As an artist, most of those options will never be necessary for you. Even some studios I work with never go near some options.

Start with the cheaper version - it's what I use at home, as does the rest of my band. We only use the full version in the studio (just for some specific bits of functionality that work well with the pro kit there)

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As a beginner you'll have enough to learn with only the Artist version.

You can cross-grade at any time you feel you're out-growing it.

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I also recommend getting the cheaper version first if you are new to production. I've used FL, Live, and Reason in the past, and found that FL and Live were better choices (I got more done) for me simply because I didn't feel forced/encouraged with the more advanced options.

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