I recently took out the action on my grand piano to fix some clicking noises. There were two issues I fixed:

  1. I noticed the screws behind the wippen were extremely loose and a loud clicking noise would occur if I tapped on the back of the key. I tightened the screws and the clicking noise stopped.

  2. The hammer heads were loose, so I used a very small amount of glue so the hammer heads wouldn't move around so much. I stuck out my hand and hit it with the hammer a bunch of times to see if a clicking noise would occur, but one didn't.

After doing this I put the action back in the piano; however, a clicking noise still occurs on some of these notes! I thought maybe it's because the screws had immediately loosened, but they haven't. Additionally the clicking noise doesn't occur after I take the action out of the piano again.

What could be wrong?

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This is caused by a lack of felt where the back of the key meets with the damper lever. The damper lever is striking the wood on the back of the key causing a clicking noise:

Clicking key due to lack of felt on the back of the key

The obvious fix is to glue down new felt and make sure it covers the area of the back of the key that comes in contact with the damper lever.

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