I'm trying to play the live version of Linkin Park's No More Sorrow.

Tuning is half step down drop D


How do I play this with a full strum?

I'm having trouble muting the other strings and just playing the 9 and 7.

Full tab is shared in the description of the youtube video. Search for variation 2.

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those x are dead notes, I guess you already know that. They can be a bit tricky to play. I have seen multiple approaches to play these, but for me the following worked the best when playing these octave-cords:

place your index-finger on the 7th fret on the A-string, and your ring-finger on the 9th fret on the G-string. Be sure, that you use only the tip on your index finger to hold the E on the a string, that way it should mute the D-string automatically. like this: enter image description here (Not the best graphic, but the best I could do in 5 minutes; I hope this explains it better than my words)

And do whatever you like with the rest of your fingers. :) (For example: mute the other strings) I hope that helps.


I watched the video now, it seems he uses a similiar technique. It looks like he is using the pinky for the 9th fret/G-string, and the remaining fingers to mute the low E-string (for me, that works better than using the thumb for such cords, too; I mostly use the middle-finger only, though) and also the pinky for the B- and high E-string. With this technique he can play a full strum.


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