I've finished the Performance certificate from Trinity College London, and now I would like to continue with the ATCL Diploma from ABRSM. Does it include any theory parts that I need to pass before I take the exam?

  • Do you want to do a teacher diploma or performance?
    – Neil Meyer
    May 26, 2015 at 9:53

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The diploma syllabus gives a full list of requirements and the equivalent qualifications from other boards. The DipABRSM requires grade 8 practical, which requires grade 5 theory. Grades from other boards are accepted but it also notes that grade 5 theory is required in addition, though from any board. All the higher diplomas require lower ones, so eventually require theory.

You can also substitute qualifications from music colleges;these generally have some theory component as well.

The syllabus is here and the information is under 'prerequisites and substitutes' (about page 20)


With ABRSM, to take any grade higher than V in practical, one must pass grade V theory. Best bet is to look on the ABRSM site for FAQs, or to find a phone number to call - they are very helpful.


ABRSM also has its own forums where you can get additional information.


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