I'm very new to the music theory and I have started to write every single scale to my notebook but I come across this C major pentatonic scale and felt the need to ask how it can be written in the formula. I have this formula here with me but I am unsure whether it is correct?

The formula I attempted to create was C-D-D#-E-G-A-C.

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    You better get a really thick notebook, these are just a few.
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As a formula, it may be better as 1,2,b3,3,5,6.Which actually translates to the same as that of the minor blues, but displaced by a minor third - 3 semitones. (Or, starting at note 6 from the above formula and making IT note no.1, the key note). This will then work for all keys. So, in your speak, it's C-D-Eb-E-G-A.


You can easily figure out the Major Pentatonic Scale by thinking of the black keys on the piano. If you start on F# the Major Pentatonic will have all the black keys on the piano.


From there you can easily deduce the intervals between these notes and then apply them to any other note you want to build this scale on.

F#-G# = MAJ 2nd

F#-A# --> PERFECT 4th

F#-C# --> PERFECT 5th

F# D# --> MAJ 6th

Now you can use this information and apply it to any tone degree

C Major Pentatonic C - D - F - G - A

Ab Major Pentatonic Ab - Bb - Db - Eb- F etc.

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