What is the name of following chord starting at the bottom E string of a guitar: E2, A2, G4, B3? It is found at second marker 0:36 of the following youtube video if you want to see it being played.

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It's a G6 chord: 3 x 2 4 3 x (from low E to high e, counted from the capo); due to the capo it sounds like an Ab6 chord. If you like you could just replace it by a standard G chord.

  • Whoops, my mistake for making the assumption that the OP's transcription of the chord was correct. Since they said the chord starts on E2 (so F#-B-D-B-D-E), I determined Bm. Seeing that the chord starts on E3 (so G-B-D-B-D-E), your answer is definitely correct. I should have watched the clip =) – Josh Darnell Jul 17 '15 at 15:59

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