Currently, MuseScore guitar chords appear on the side of the chord. Here is an example of capo 3:

enter image description here

Many leadsheets, however, take the guitar chord stacked on top of the original chord, like here:

enter image description here

Until a future MuseScore version allows capo chords to be stacked, how can the chord style files (MuseScore 2\styles) be modified to achieve this affect? It would seem quite simple, but I cannot see how to do it. The process would be similar to that of fraction chords.


You can always just place two different chord markings (CTRL-K/CMD-K) and move one of them up manually. This probably isn't the best method, but it works at least.


As far as I can find, there's currently no way to do this from within musescore 2. This may change in future versions, of course.

I found a procedure in the online help to create stacked chord symbols; it involves some XML editing. It's for version 1 of the program; it refers to a section in the Styles > General pane that I don't see in version 2 on the mac. It may be possible to change how chords look by editing the default XML files.

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