I can already take a collection of musescore files and export them as PDF, Wave, or MP3 without issue via find *.mscz -exec musescore {} -o {}.mp3 \;

However, I'd like to expand on this and export each instrument (or clef) into it's own separate wave file (for import into a Audacity or Qtractor).

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My first thought is to export as Music XML

musescore Song.mscz -o Song.mscz.xml 

I see that in the XML <part-list>, I could use an inline xml editor and change the <volume> variable to 0, run the conversion musescore Song.mscz.xml -o Song.track.x.wave, and repeat.

<score-part id="P1">
  <score-instrument id="P1-I1">
  <midi-device id="P1-I1" port="1"></midi-device>
  <midi-instrument id="P1-I1">
<part-group type="start" number="1">
<score-part id="P2">
  <part-name>Acoustic Bass</part-name>
  <score-instrument id="P2-I1">
    <instrument-name>Acoustic Bass</instrument-name>
  <midi-device id="P2-I1" port="1"></midi-device>
  <midi-instrument id="P2-I1">
<part-group type="stop" number="1"/>

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