How can one automate the movement of the performance pads in Logic Pro X's new Alchemy Synth?

Is there a way to record the movements and map that to automation for further tweaking?

I see the mappings there, but its not really logical in terms of defining a path.

Is it possible to add multiple layers of automation in Logic? E.g. One for the X direction, one for the Y.

  • just select 'touch' for your automation option in the channel strip and it records your real time manipulations of all that – user23523 Sep 11 '15 at 12:41

In Alchemy 'Perform' section has 2 pads,

  1. Transform Pads

Transform Pads

  1. XY Pads

XY Pads

Change the 'Automation Mode' from 'Read'(default) to 'Touch'

enter image description here

enter image description here

From 'Automation Parameter' dropdown, choose 'Alchemy > Perform > Transform Pad X'

Alchemy > Perform > Transform Pad X

Note that this will set 'Automation Parameter' to both Transform Pad X and Transform Pad Y

both Transform Pad X and Transform Pad Y

Now press 'R' and then click-hold the rectangular 'focus' on the Transform Pad and move it as you wish, the corresponding X-Y coordinates will be plotted as automation.

X-Y coordinates will be plotted as automation

P.S : LPX 10.3.2

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