So, I am pretty much a brainless tumor when it comes to singing, even thou with 4 years of practice in choir. Than there was this day, I decided to study theory as I craved for knowledge. While doing it, I absorbed so much information that I got confused in the process about knowing what the title of my question says as there was so many different types of so many different things on the way.

I would appreciate a lot if you could "clear" this to me: - "am I a Bass or a Baritone?".

As it follows in the deformed picture I took of Virtualpiano: I painted it with some colored "V"s to indicate "I can do it" and as the color get "hotter" [to shades of red] it get's like "jesus possess me to do it".

I have been able to reach lower notes and higher depending on my efforts during some practices. But as far as I have read about, these (green ones) are the "fine tones" for me to sing in. I did not include falsetto in there.

Some extra information: I have always received the lower bass lines to sing, but I have no idea if it is because I am a baritone who can just "reach it" or if it is because am just a bass.

Thanks all. :)


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