I'm trying to perfect the run at the end of the solo of "Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys which occurs at about 2:13.

I think this is how the left hand is played:


I'm not so sure how to play the right hand (picking) part.

Is he using alternate picking for every note, or are there pull-offs involved?

Could economy picking be used to optimize it?

Would it be easier if played in a different position?

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    When I play fast scale runs, I plan to pick it all and I try to pick it, and my left hand technique is such that if I miss a note then a pull-off will almost always happen and cover up my right hand miss. So my answer to "picking or pull-offs" would be "Yes!" Commented Oct 9, 2015 at 19:48

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Sounds like they are all 16th notes, here's a tab with the pull offs added in. Hope this helps! Los Lonely Boys Run

Here is the alternative position:

enter image description here


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