I am looking mostly for the essential information on polypohony, gregorian chant, techniques of the time and their development etc, in order to get a grasp of the subject, names and times so I can later on focus my study on books.

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Here is an example of a documentary which is readily available, depending on where in the world you are located, and which appears to have some relevance to what you want:

BBC Howard Goodall's Story of Music

If you want to hear some examles, there is a whole playlist of short performances here, which gives you a lot of names, but no discussion:

History of Western Music

and here:

A Brief History of the Western Musical Thought

You might also be interested in some of the (free) courses offered by Coursera. For example:

Western Music History through Performance

You might need to register with the site to get access to this, and probably only week one of the course is relevant (A brief history of notation), but I have found the several lectures in week 1 of the course very informative.

I will have to leave it to you to decide if any of these are "good" ...

  • Thank you. I have already watched BBC's Story of Music and it is very close to what I have in mind. I am looking for something focusing on the Medieval and Renaissance eras.
    – Chris
    Nov 1, 2015 at 20:08

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