When you playing Guitar (a Melody) you hit all the strings? I hit all the strings (Strumming) but it makes no good sound ...,Should I hit or strum all strings or some of them during playing a melody?

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    It sounds like you've just started guitar, with no prior experience at all. Is that correct? Do you know what a chord is, or the difference between melodic lines and backing chords? – delete me Nov 7 '15 at 21:02
  • From your question, as it reads, the only answer possible is one of opinion and taste rather than fact. In other words, do what sounds good to you. You are the artist. – amalgamate Nov 8 '15 at 7:27

Strumming plays chords, up to 6 notes that sound harmonious together. Usually it provides the rhythm and accompaniment, not the melody. You have to use your left hand fingers on several strings at once. Most beginner guitar books/methods show you how to play basic chords.

Beginning melody playing is the opposite. You press one string with the left hand, and pluck just that string with the right.

With experience you can play several strings at once or in rapid succession. But for the beginner it's all for chords, one for melody.

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