I'm writing out a short snippet of music and would like to have a tie that extends past the end; How can I do this in LilyPond?

Here's what I have now:
Repeat with last note "missing" a tie

I'd like to indicate that a tie goes back to the start of the riff. (i.e. the final e8 is tied back to the first e inside the volta repeat)

Using \laissezVibrer is close, but it ends at the barline; I'd rather have something that extends past the end.


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Add an invisible measure with an e note in it to do the tie appear.

\relative c, {
        \clef F \key e \major
        \partial 8 { e8 ~ }
        \repeat volta 2 {
        e8 g e4 gis8 b b4 |
        a8 cis cis b d d e, e ~ }
        \stopStaff \hide NoteHead \override NoteHead.no-ledgers = ##t e1 }

The shape of the Laissez Vibrer tie can be change with the \shape command.
(See: 5.4.11 Modifying shapes)

But to get the Laissez Vibrer tie to actually extend to or beyond the repeat barline, you'll need to use a tweak on the LV, such as \tweak X-extent.


\version "2.23.6"

\relative c, {
    \clef "bass" 
    \key e \major
    \partial 8 
    \repeat volta 2 {
        e8 g e4 gis8 b b4 |
        a8 cis cis b d d e,
            \shape #'((0 . 0) (0 . 0) (2 . -0.4) (2 . -0.5)) LaissezVibrerTie
            e -\tweak X-extent #'(0 . 2.5) \laissezVibrer


Laissez Vibrer tie going to the far edge of the repeat barline

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