My husband's uncle passed away a couple of days ago and he left these instruments behind; I was hoping maybe someone could tell me what they are! Please help me, and how to tune them. enter image description here

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  • In what nation do you live? What is your husband's uncle's ethnicity or national origin, and what kind of music did he play? These would provide very useful clues to us in helping to identify these things. – user1044 Nov 11 '15 at 22:26
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    @MatthewRead I see that a strict interpretation of the help guide seems to preclude a question about identifying an instrument. But I am wondering if a distinction should/could be made between they type question that says "what instrument is being played in this recording" and a question of this nature which simply asks "what instrument is this?" I don't know of a better site to find the answer to the OP's question than a site who's members consists of musicians from all around the world. Do you have a suggestion for the OP regarding where she might find the answer she seeks? – Rockin Cowboy Nov 12 '15 at 0:25

It's a Kemenche. It seems to be tuned in fourths.

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