This is my first question so sorry if its a poor one for this style of forum.

I regularly write and sight-read standard notation but there are plenty of times im caught without pen and paper or a computer. When that happens I usually just record the idea on my phone using my voice if at all possible. However, if im on a plane, for example, that's not practical. So my question is:

Is there any good android applications that allow you to write your own sheet music?...Preferably with audio playback.

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I don't know if this fits all the criteria you are looking for, but there is NotateMe which is available on Google Play and App Store. It allows you to write music sheets with your finger (or a pen) and is 'translated' into sheet music.

Here is a video demonstration:

There is also Ensemble Composer.

And there is Maestro

And there is Music Notation


I just found out there's also a smartphone version of Guitar Pro. That might especially be of interest to all you tabbers out there who are unable to sight-read standard notation. GuitarPro

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