I want to learn how to play drums but my mum said I have to wait but for now she said I could get a cajon. But I don't have and experience so should I get a cajon or a drum pad and sticks until I can get lessons? PLEASE HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE


What you "should" get is a matter of personal preference and personal goals. Either will help you develop some basic rhythm skills but there are some differences.

A cajon is a hand drum and is played with your hands. You can make variations in the sound by hitting different parts of the box and also by placing the non striking hand on the playing surface (called a tapa). You cannot play the cajon silently but it is not as loud as a regular drum kit.

Since you use your hands instead of sticks, it is a little easier to learn to play some basic beats than with sticks. You can also play a cajon with brushes for more of the feel of playing with sticks and to make your playing a little quieter. You can also buy foot pedals to allow you to use your foot in the same way as a kick drum on a regular drum kit. You could also set up a cymbal on a stand and play that along with the cajon.

An electronic drum pad can be played with either your hands, fingers or with sticks. By using headphones to amplify the sound, you can play those without making much noise at all. If your goal was to eventually learn to play a full drum kit (set) with sticks, an electronic drum pad that can be played with sticks will allow you to learn to play using sticks which is different in many ways than playing with hands or fingers.

Either instrument will help you develop some rhythm skills and make it easier to transition to a drum kit in the future. But for the same price as a decent cajon, you can buy an electronic pad with at least 4 separate pads that can be played with sticks and programmed to make many different sounds.

But the cajon is also a versatile instrument that you might enjoy playing so much that you never want anything but a different kind of cajon. Watch some of the you tube videos of some folks demonstrating different ways the cajon can be played.

I think you will be happy with either one. Whatever you get, have fun with it and learn to play it as well as you can.


What I would say is, if you are looking to get drum lessons in the future, getting a Cajun maybe less beneficial than a practice pad and sticks. This is mainly due to the motion and muscle memory needed being slightly different. you may not benefit as much from practicing with a Cajun as you are using only your hands as opposed to the sticks needed for a full drum kit. So in this instance I would recommend the Practice pad and sticks. This will allow you to get a feel of the tools you will require, especially with a drum tutor.

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