Does changing my bridge affect my guitar's tone? And will it make palm mutes sound good? I want to change it to a Floyd Rose Ibanez bridge.

  • What guitar is this? – Tim Jan 5 '16 at 11:51
  • One useful point of view is that everything affects tone, just to a greater or lesser degree. That viewpoint allows one to move directly to the next logical questions: How will it affect the tone? How do you feel about that tonal change? – Todd Wilcox Jan 5 '16 at 22:09

Bridges with different vibrato systems will vary in terms of tuning stability, range of pitch variation, and response of the bar itself. Bridges also vary in terms of the range of set up they allow, and the ease with which adjustments can be made, strings can be changed, and so on.

However the effect of the bridge on the timbre of the guitar is likely to be very small, assuming it is properly installed and set up. It will be especially small when palm muting, because the damping of the string with the hand reduces the vibrations that are transmitted between the bridge and the part of the string where the pickups are.

The only reason to consider changing a bridge to help your palm muting would be if your current bridge is somehow interfering with your technique. Changing the bridge will probably make little or no noticeable improvement to your tone.

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