Currently, artists just release singles with 1 track - the song.

For example, Ariana Grande's single "Focus" has 1 track:


But wouldn't it be better to release additional tracks as well, like the backing track, instrumental, and acapella:

backing track: no lead vocals, but includes the backing vocals

instrumental: no vocals at all

acapella: only vocals

I think there is market demand for such additional tracks. People want backing tracks and instrumentals for karaoke; aspiring singers want backing tracks and instrumentals for covers and singing competitions; comedians want backing tracks and instrumentals for spoofs; DJs and producers want acapellas for remixes.

So, following that idea, a single like Ariana Grande's "Focus" would have 4 tracks:

Focus (Backing Track)
Focus (Instrumental)
Focus (Acapella)

Here's another idea: Selling the producer's project files. Aspiring producers could study them; DJs could use them to create remixes.

No? Am I missing something?

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