I figured this out on the piano but I'm not sure what key this would be in. Once I figure out the key I feel I can start to write more of it. I notated it in C Major with accidentals because I don't know the key.


I've added everything thus far. Ignore the roman numerals and the droning F notes at the start, for some reason MuseScore won't add lyrics unless I have a note there - they stop at bar 18.

enter image description here enter image description here

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    This is not in any single key, since you're using too many contradictory alterated notes. A tune that contains b, d and d sharp cannot be played in any of the diatonic keys. – Kilian Foth Jan 7 '16 at 8:27
  • @KilianFoth Good call. That's probably why it sounds so much like a movie score. – Kolob Canyon Jan 7 '16 at 9:44
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    You would really say that the key of this piece is ambiguous. – Neil Meyer Jan 7 '16 at 10:06

This isn't in one key. I cannot say for sure what is going on here, but I can understand the chords used:

  • First 4 bars: G# minor
  • Next 4 bars: D major
  • First 3 bars (second line): E minor, which I figured from the second bar
  • Next 4 bars: G# minor
  • Last 2 bars: D major.

There are chromatic alterations from bar to bar which most likely changes the key signature as well.

Apart from D major and E minor, the G# minor doesn't make sense in this context. It seems like the piece goes to G# minor for a while and then back to D major.

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  • The song goes on a bit longer. I'll add another picture with the stuff I added (writing this in muse score transferred from midi in logic X) – Kolob Canyon Jan 7 '16 at 9:40
  • @Shevaliaskovic I added a more elaborate score for you to look at. I can upload a recording as well if you'd like – Kolob Canyon Jan 7 '16 at 10:32
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    The G# minor could be looked at as an Ab minor which then you could make the case he is attempting to use an altered Neopolitain chord in G major since he is going right to V and then resolving to vi. It wouldn't be in G major, but one of the modes of it instead ( most likely E minor ). – Dom Jan 7 '16 at 13:40

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