Is there a way in LilyPond to simply list the lyrics corresponding to additional verses after the end of the music, with one paragraph per verse?

(N.B. This exact question has been asked before, in 2001, but the first answer ("read this book") references a dead URL, while the second (use \context Lyrics) does not work for me, I get LilyPond syntax errors.)

Here's the song under which I want to write the additional verses.

  title = "JOHN BALL"
  instrument = "(for unaccompanied voice)"
  composer = "Sydney Carter"
  copyright = "From \"In the Present Tense (Songs of Sydney Carter Book 5)\", Stainer and Bell 1982, ISBN 9780852495001"
  tagline = ""

\score {
  \relative {
    \time 2/4
    \clef treble
    \tempo 4=120
    \key a \major
    cis'' a8 fis |  e4. cis8 |  d e gis fis |  e2 | 
    fis4 fis8 fis | fis4 gis8 a | b a gis a | b cis d b | 
    cis4 a8 fis |  e4. cis8 |  d e gis fis |  e4 a8 gis | 
    fis4 fis8 fis | d' cis b a | gis2 | a \bar "||"
    b4 b |  b4. cis8 |  b a gis fis |  e2 | b'4 b8 cis |  d( cis ) b a | cis2 | b4 e8 d | 
    cis4 a8 fis | e4 cis | d8 e gis fis | e4 a8 gis | fis4 fis8 fis | d' cis b a | gis2 |  a \bar "|."
  \addlyrics { 
    Who'll be the | la -- dy, | Who will be the | lord, | When we are | 
    ruled by the | love of one an -- | o -- ther? Tell me, | Wholl be the | 
    la -- dy, | Who will be the | lord, In the | light that is | 
    com -- ing in the | morn -- | ing. | 
    Sing, John | Ball, And | tell it to them | all: | Long live the | day that is | 
    dawn -- | ing! And I'll | crow like a | cock, I'll | car -- ol like a | lark, For the | 
    light that is | com -- ing In the | morn -- | ing. }

  \layout { }
  \midi { }

\version "2.18.2"

(Sorry about the syntax highlighting, <!-- language: lang-lilypond --> is not yet supported in the Google Code Prettyfier that SE uses.)

I'd like to add verses 2, 3, and 4 underneath, separated from the music just as words, like here:

Verses under a score

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I got an answer from Knute Snortum on the LiliyPond mailing list here

After my score block I can add a markup block like this

\markup {
    \column {
        \line { \null }
        \line { 2. Here I go }

It turns out that this is covered in the LilyPond documentation (printing stanzas at the end) but they use the term 'stanza' and so my searching for 'verse' did not lead me there.


Another approach is to use lytex, i.e., latex with lilypond

lilypond-book yoursong.lytex ; latex yoursong.tex; dvips -Ppdf yoursong.dvi ; ps2pdf yoursong.ps

with a lytex file such as




The first line \\
The second line


I suppose that there might be font issues. At least in the setup I have so far the fonts look different.

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