I'm trying to create the music sheet of "Recuerdos de La Alhambra" with Sibelius music notation software.
How to create tremolos in Sibelius?


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I Use Sibelius G7.

Tremolos are located on third pane of Keypad.

Press CTRL+ALT+K (or menu Windows->Keypad) to display Keypad window, and then "+" key on numeric keyboard (or just use Your mouse to click) to navigate to third pane.

You have options from 2 up to 32 tremolos.

Examples of tremolos in Sibelius G7

Examples of tremolos in Sibelius G7

  • This is also correct on Sibelius 6, assuming OP is indeed looking for this particular notational symbol.
    – NReilingh
    Sep 26, 2011 at 3:36

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