I am looking for this Remo drum head in an 18-inch diameter.


Obviously, in the image the head is painted with some text, but I am talking about the Remo drum head design. Any idea where I can get such design? Can anyone reference a amazon or ebay link where I can get it?

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    If only there were a web site that listed all the different drum head products that Remo makes. They could call it remo.com. Something just like this: remo.com/portal/products/3/8/49/ds_clear.html I suspect that's a custom drum head though, or a product no longer available. Either that or it's a white coated head that's been distressed/sanded by hand to make that pattern. – Todd Wilcox Jan 28 '16 at 21:23

The drum head you're looking for is called Fiberskyn 3.

You can find additional information on remo's website: http://www.remo.com/portal/products/3/8/52/ds_fiberskyn_3.html

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