I'm trying to find a formula to adjust a note frequency by a variable number of cents. So for example if a middle C was played then how do you find "N" cents adjustment to that frequency? I hope I'm explaining this correctly.

I thought it was something like:

x * (1 + (N * 0.00057778951))

where x is the original frequency, but it just doesn't seem to be correct.


A cent is the 1200th part of an octave which is a factor of 2.

Consequently, an adjustment of N cents means multiplying your frequency by 2N/1200.

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    So using my formula it would be x*2^(y/1200). That seems to be what I'm looking for, since making y=100 changes the note by 1 semitone. – linuxuser42 Feb 8 '16 at 20:47

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