I am a student trumpet player in 8th grade, and for our concert we are playing centuries which is cool and all, but in the solo I have at the beginning which is quite simple. I transition from A to high E, and it just sounds awful. I can play both the A and the E separately very well and in tune, but when I go from A to high E quickly, I just don't understand what happens. Any help is greatly appreciated. (PS: I am playing a Bb trumpet)

  • Are you tonguing each note separately, or is it a slur?
    – Tim
    Mar 1, 2016 at 9:30
  • @Tim I am tounguing Mar 1, 2016 at 12:35

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To go from second-space A to top-space E you go from valves 1+2 to open. On trumpet, transitions between different pitches will be hampered by poor synchronization between valves, tongue and embouchure.

See if you can play the line cleanly by keeping 1+2 pressed (E in the top space can be played on open or 1+2). If you can then it's probably a valve speed issue, and it's something you can work on separately. The fact that the notes work when you play them individually also suggests that it's a fingering issue.


Another thing, when you go for that E, think in your mind TEE. So from the A to the E as you're playing it, think TAW TEE. Another thing, use lots of air, more than you think. Eventually your body will understand where the note is. Giving yourself lots of air will support the higher notes.

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