I need a new music stand that works well. I need it to be sturdy and not fall over. I want it to look good in case I every play on stage with it. Some extra features will be good on ti (i.e. I've seen pencil holders on some stands).

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  • Does it need to fold up small or can it be big and bulky? – RedSonja Mar 2 '16 at 9:25

The best ones I know are from the German maker Koenig & Meyer. They come in different versions, from very light to bombproof. A decent music shop will have a range for you to look at. K&M also have a huge range of bolt-on extras, like bottle holders and trays for pencils, and even IPad holders.

Maybe there are other good makes, but this is the one we use here.


Manhasset is the orchestra standard. As to looks, well, it's not ornate. You could certainly paint it if you desired.

If you do want a folding stand, then there are a number of sturdy brands, such as this and this series

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