I am reading a book about Metric Manipulations by Danuta Mirka and the author refers to some German words. In this book, he writes that Takt refers to measure, Taktteile to parts of a measure, Taktglieder to members of the measure and Taktnoten to the notes of the measure. I don't understand the difference between ''parts of the measure'' and ''members of the measure''.

What is the difference between the Taktteile and the Taktglieder?

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  • I Just flipped through the subset Amazon offers and I assume, you mean Taktglieder.
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  • oh yeah... I misspelled it... that is Taktglieder... my bad... Commented Apr 13, 2016 at 18:29

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I did not find Taktglieder in any of my German musical references, so I have resort to native language knowledge and some assumptions:

  • Takt (measure) is a sort of time unit.
  • Taktteile (parts of measure) is a fragment of that unit
  • Taktglieder (members of measure) are the notes, which populate the [partial] time unit. These meaning of members as denoting the active participants is shared in different uses as group members, committee members etc.

Measure is a sort of a blurry term, since musicians tend not to distinguish exactly as in

The third measure is really awkward to play

which does not refer to the time unit, but obviously to its contents.

So in laudable tradition the author defines exact terms first (the foreign language makes things easier, since collisions with ones own notion are less likely) and hopefully uses them consistently afterwards.

Does that match the use of terms in your book?


The Taktteil is determined by the time signature, and it is the basic subdivision of the measure. E.g., in 4/4 time there are four Taktteile (each of which is a quarter note), and in 6/8 there are six Taktteile (each of which is an eighth note).

The term Taktglied is archaic. Note that the link is from Grimm's dictionary, which appeared in the 1850s. The term used to denote subdivisions of a Taktteil, i.e., in 4/4 time, a quarter note is a Taktteil, and an eight note is a Taktglied. As far as I know there is no modern equivalent of the term Taktglied.



I believe that "members of the measure" is a part of a musical phrase (So the parts you get when dividing a phrase) and "parts of the measure" are the notes, bars and rests.

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