I have Timidity++ installed with FluidSynth soundfonts. How do I make Timidity play back any MIDI, mapping all instruments to a sine wave instrument (patch 81, bank 2, according to General MIDI Level 2)?

I've tried, e.g., this in the Timidity config file:

map gm2 0 19 2 81

But it didn't use the sine wave instrument for the particular MIDI file I was playing back (bank 0, patch 19 = "church organ" instrument in that particular file).


Hmm, I cannot get map to do anything, so without diving through the source code, who knows. However! If you have a soundfont file, the bank and number configuration entries appear to do the trick via the following in ~/share/timidity/timidity.cfg:

dir /home/jdoe/share/timidity/inst
bank 0
0 %font tabla_drums.sf2 0 0
1 %font tabla_drums.sf2 0 0
127 %font tabla_drums.sf2 0 0

Where the /home/jdoe/share/timitidy/inst directory contains for this example a tabla_drums.sf2 SoundFont file. This maps test MIDI files to use the tabla drums via:

% timidity --config-file=~/share/timidity/timidity.cfg foo.midi

However, via the lspatch.pl script under the timidity source tree, and the sf_list script of the MIDI::SoundFont perl module, I can find no bank 2 patch 81 patterns nor soundfont entries, so I'm not sure what would provide it, as it does not appear to be present in timidity 2.13.2 nor via the GeneralUser_GS_1.43-FluidSynth soundfont... (if there is a pattern file with a sine wave, then the number configuration would run something like 0 blah.pat and so forth for all the patch numbers.)

Another option would be to edit the MIDI and alter any patch_change events to use a particular instrument, but that's more work, and there may also be bank select events that also need filtering.

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