I have a Roland MT32 and a Yahama DX100 keyboard that I used to play from my Atari computer. The MT32 must be played from computer software through a midi connection. I now want to use these instruments again and I have a new Windows 10 laptop that should be capable if I have the correct software and usb-to-midi connectors. I would also like to use this same laptop to play our church Yahama Clavinova.

My question is what software options do I have on a limited budget. Would I be able to do this with free software, or is it best to go with Finale Pro or some other program? My main purpose is to play these instruments in church after being able to program the music.

My second question is r=also software related. Is it possible to scan sheet music or a page from a hymnal and have it play the song through the computer to one of these instruments?

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you, sir, are pretty old school. no hardware upgrades since the 80s, eh?

ok, enough of that.

I'd love for you to give my software a try. http://pianocheetah.com it's a midi sequencer, runs on windows, and is free. it's kind of built for piano practice.

There are plenty of midi sequencers available for free, but I can only comment on mine. So you'll have to hit google looking for midi sequencers because which one you use is sort of a religious decision.

But your laptop should work great for recording the DX100 and playing to the MT32 or church Clavinova over midi.

There are also quite a few "scan sheet music and turn into midi" programs. So there's another religion to pick. But in general, they all make mistakes when the notes get dense and sometimes it's just as easy to type it all in.

I don't think I'd want to subject church goers to a song played by a midi sequencer, though. They might be ok with it, but you've got to feel guilty giving them music with no feel like that. (Not played live)

  • Just a quick note on the subject of printed score recognition, the subject is termed "Music OCR" (optical character recognition). There is software out there to do it (or so they advertise), both commercial and opensource, do a search. I have no idea how well they might work, though. – José David May 11 '16 at 20:32

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