My head voice goes a little weaker after an hour of practice (after warm ups). I do take sufficient breaks in between. Is it normal and will it improve with regular practice sessions that I do everyday?

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Weak head voice is a common problem for many singers, but it's definitely something that can be circumvented. Usually, beginners find there's a "weakening" in the head range. A weaker head voice also comes from fear or reluctance. There are ways you can strengthen your head voice...

Head Voice Techniques:

  • To work on head voice, the first advice is to focus on breathing.
  • If you have perfected your chest voice, then give the same amount of effort in achieving your head voice and never pull off because you might think you may crack.

  • Again...Breathe, Breathe and Breathe!

  • Try maintaining a raised palate and an open space, since it is important to create a space for the voice to resonate in the head; higher range.
  • A voice strengthening exercise: - Talk in a really high pitched voice for a few minutes a day (the sort of voice you'd put on, like you were doing a puppet show)
  • Keep practicing...You'll surely find some improvements as you go.
  • Also, check this Singing Lesson on How to access your Head Voice.
  • I'd only add that doing breath / diaphragm exercises goes a long way to gaining proper control over your exhalation. Too little air and the voice breaks down into a Fry; too much and you wear our your vocal chords to the point where you fail to hit higher pitches without strain (which wears them out further). May 24, 2016 at 15:57

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