Chicago is one of my favourite Meg & Dia songs (RIP 2012). I've tabbed out a few of their songs and figured out their keys and such, but this one seems to be more than your standard vi-IV-I-V stuff. It goes like this:

Verse :

    Cmaj7 Bm Bb Am


    Dm7 Gm7 Cmaj7


    Dm7 Gm7 


    Cmaj7 Bm Am7

    Eb D


    Eb Dm Cm

    Fm Bb7

I'm 99% sure these are the chords I hear (link to the song). I'm confused between the C and C minor scales, some of the chords are from these keys but others just don't seem to fit, or at least I can't make them to.

Thanks !



You've just learned something important. Not all the chords in a song have to fit into one scale. And it's often pointless to MAKE them fit by inventing a constant string of mini-modulations.

Look at how those chords DO fit together. C^, Bm, Bb, Am has a bass line that walks down. That's a strong enough reason for the sequence.


The 'theory' is that chords from parallel major and minor work well together. Nearly all of these chords are from C major/C minor, which bears this out - except - Bm. So, as Laurence states, not EVERY chord HAS to fit in a certain key, it's just that most times, they do.

  • Or even, once we're past very simple songs, most times they don't! Jan 4 '18 at 22:08

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