Does playing a background part for a song sound better with acoustic or electric?

And also, if the original song used electric violin, will it still sound nice if i used an acoustic one to play it instead?

  • Hi Joel, there is no right answer. Neither sounds better, you need to decide what is appropriate for each situation. Please review our tour and How to Ask pages for guidance on what type of questions work well here. – Doktor Mayhem Jun 19 '16 at 15:44

This is going to depend on the skill of the player, the genre, and the taste of the listener. If the player is skilled enough, just about any combination will sound good.

That said, an amplified acoustic is more prone to feedback than a quality electric, making it less suitable for genres like rock.

Classical, however, has such a strong tradition of playing unamplified that electric instruments have a very marginal, experimental role at best.

But individual musicians and groups still cross over, using electric for classical pieces, with great effect, and playing rock on acoustic instruments.

I'll add links later, but a good example off mixing rock and classical music on acoustic instruments is a duo called The Dueling Fiddlers, and YouTube has many examples of classical solos on electric instruments.

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