Please clear my following doubts.

  • What is the difference between 6 holes and 7 holes holding position in flutes ?
  • Can I play a song with 6 holes in 8 hole flute ?

I've never played this instrument before, but I can play most of the woodwinds, including flute, recorder, and tin whistle. I did a quick search, and if I'm understanding this thing correctly, it's fundamentally very similar to the fife and uses the same fingerings as the fife and tin whistle.

A 7-hole instrument is extended downwards one extra step. The first 6 holes function exactly the same as on the 6-hole variety, but covering the additional hole achieves an extra low note. So music written for a 6-hole instrument is always playable on a 7-hole instrument, but music written for a 7-hole instrument (that uses that lowest note) wouldn't be entirely playable on a 6-hole instrument without transposing the music.

  • But I could see people holding 7 holes in 8 hole flute. Does that 8th hole even matters ? – Selva Jove Jun 23 '16 at 12:31

Indian Music consist of 2 types 1) Carnatic Music 2) North Indian or Hindustani classical music.

Carnatic Musicians uses 7 playing Holes Bamboo flute. Where as there are only 6 playing holes in Hindustani classical based flute.

The difference is done to produce different notes which are differently produced.

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