What are software options that will tell you where you've gone out of tune in the performance of a given song? Better if it can work with any song file or has a wealth of community-content.

Sort of karaoke-like software solutions that will help you analyse and improve your singing ability.

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One way I found to achieve this is to use Carry-A-Tune Singing Coach Unlimited software. Singing Coach’s Pitch Tracking Line displays what note you are singing and the note you are supposed to be singing on a musical graph. It plays the accompanying track and a guide line on what pitch you need to be at. Then I use Guitar Pro to get songs with vocals tracks in it, export it to midi and import the same midi to Carry a Tune. This way you can learn to sing any song.


I've used Starmaker for iPhone and it is similar, but you can only use the songs they have available. But the app is free and it is fun. I think the Smule app Sing! Is similar as well.

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